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BricsJournal.com : Journal Writing, Re-writing, Editorial, Translation and ProofreadingBricsJournal.com : Journal Writing, Re-writing, Editorial, Translation and ProofreadingBricsJournal.com : Journal Writing, Re-writing, Editorial, Translation and Proofreading

About us

About us

The BricsJournal.com Story

Brics Journal is the leading journal writing services provider. We have been providing this service to students, researchers and other professionals for over a decade now. We were drawn to this activity when we realized that otherwise competent individuals in academia were having a hard time producing quality manuscripts. This made them fail classes and miss out on getting published- two key measures of success for academics. 

Our founders set out to find out the reasons for the struggle in consistently writing proper journal articles. It was quickly realized that many would-be authors simply cannot find time to dedicate themselves fully to the task of writing a good journal article. After all, this undertaking requires extensive research and multiple rounds of reviews. These are tedious activities. A second reason that became clear was that many students and a good number of budding researchers did not have a lot of experience with the scholarly process of writing journal articles. These types found it difficult to adhere to academic writing conventions and write in a manner fitting to the intended audience. 

Something had to be done about these problems. Thus, BricsJournal was born. We have dedicated ourselves to greatly reducing the burden of authoring a journal article from the students and professional researchers who opted to be our clients. We never relent in our mission to satisfy our customers. The positive customer reviews we get are testament to our intent to stick to that value.

We bring more than 9 years’ senior experience in Journal Services Help

Over 9 Years of Experience

Our Services

What we do

We offer journal services in over 20 subjects plus their respective subspecialties. Some of the subjects we cover include Economics, Engineering, Life Sciences, Medicine, Climate and Business Management. The capacity to meet the needs of our clients to such an extensive extent has grown from our experience in handling journal articles. The count for this has now exceeded one thousand. We also understand that our customers have unique needs that go beyond their particular subject of interest. This is why Brics Journal journal services come in different forms to fit your need at any stage of the journal article writing process. The different services we offer are:

Journal Writing
Journal Rewriting
Journal Editing
Journal Proofreading
Journal Translation

Our Services

Journal Writing Services

Suitable for students and researchers who have only identified a topic and need it refined then written from scratch. This is why this particular service entails engaging you to help focus your research topic. We can also entirely carry this burden for you. Our writers will then get to work to produce a manuscript that is up to world class standards, with the particular academic level in mind. The work is complete when the client approves of the final manuscript.

Journal Rewriting Services

Journal Rewriting services are suitable for students and researchers who require their journal article to be redone. This may be because of a lack of complete confidence in the work that they have done, which pushes them to have it revised to such a degree. It could also be because a student or a researcher has been advised to review then modify their work to meet specifications in order to pass a class or get published. We rewrite your manuscript to get it to the required standard. All that we will require from you is that you present your complete journal article files so that our writers have an appropriate basis to take up the work.

Journal Editing Services

Journal Editing services are for students and researchers who are in need of an exhaustive review and modification of their manuscript. We understand that this work is highly detail-oriented and requires that the editor be conversant with academic publishing conventions. These competencies are used by our team to refine your journal article to the point where it has correct use of words, good structure of sentences and appropriate flow of information.

Journal Proofreading Services

Journal Proofreading services are related to editing save for the fact that in this case the review is of a superficial nature - so to speak. No modification is done to the structure of sentences and paragraphs in the journal article. Rather, we undertake this final-step review to ensure that your manuscript passes criteria of good grammar and punctuation. Typically, after this the journal article is usually ready to be submitted to a lecture or journal publication editor.

Journal Translation services

Journal Translation services are different from our other offers but are equally as important. They are suitable for students and researchers who want their manuscript translated to English as well as from English to the languages we cover like French and Spanish. We use the double-translation technique to ensure meaning in words and phrases remain the same in either language in question. The work is done line by line to completion.

Amazing Packages and Deals

We offer the our services as standalone services or as packaged deals. This depends entirely on the instructions of the customer. It is also possible for BricsJournal to transition from one service to the next but we always produce manuscripts that are ready for submission to a class or a journal publisher.

How we do it

Our promise of world class quality is evidenced by the numerous national awards we have won, in the United States, setting us apart as a leader in providing journal services. We are good because we put the client at the center of our interaction. The aim of Brics Journal is not just to put the last full stop on the manuscript but to satisfy the client in other nuanced and self-evident ways. One thing we do better than anybody else is to ensure that your voice is captured in the final manuscript. You are the author after all! We also always deliver within time to ensure you are never stressed by deadlines. To top it all, the services we offer will fit your shoe-string budget because our processes are efficient.

Who works on your journal article?

We are privileged to have a team of highly qualified and experienced writers. Their academic qualifications range from Undergraduate degrees to Master’s and PhD certification. This enables us to assign writing duties depending on academic level and topic of manuscript. All our writers have native-level proficiency in English and many of them are active researchers as well. This latter aspect goes a long way in ensuring you pass your class obligation or increase your chances of getting featured in a journal publication.

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