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Benefits of Publishing a Research Paper


You may feel that the process of actually going about to write a journal article is probably 70% or so of the work with the latter part only just coming in to seal the deal. But the twists and turns of publishing a research paper makes things look right about 50-50. You have to submit your article, perhaps at a cost, and hold your breath not to get an outright rejection. The lucky ones immediately proceed their work to peer review. The rest, mortals, have to revise their work to make it fit for the journal publisher. BricsJournal.com can help you do just that through our editing, rewrite and translation services.

The author should then be alert to the rigorous process and correspondence of peer review. It might be that the reviewer is known to you. Once revisions are complete and your work is in fact identified by a publication editor for publishing you may yet have to part with a little more money. All this exertion and expenses just to share your knowledge with the world. Are there no other outlets to let the world know of your findings? What are the many benefits you gain from enduring this process that justify the cost? You are at the right place. We will take you through the benefits of publishing a research paper whether you are an upstart undergraduate or a seasoned professional who is intrigued by the world of academic publishing.

1. Career Progression

The number of journal articles you write and the frequency of you getting published is the measure of success in the world of academia. The reason is because publishing your paper in a journal has been the norm in demonstrating intellectual competence in a field since the early 1800s. This was the way chosen to standardize the accomplishment of research finding. It gives you the right to add another line to your CV. It is also the quickest method to ensure your discoverability as a researcher by the wider world. This is because your studies are in an indexed journal that is actively being sought out by readers – many of whom pay to read the particular journal.

2. Citation Impact

This benefit of publishing a research paper is related to point one. By ensuring increased visibility, you will have a greater number of fellow researchers reference your findings as a guide to other studies. Which researcher does not want their work in a fellow’s literature review section? The citation impact is a measure of the frequency of getting referenced and it is revealed in two ways. There is the frequency at which the journal itself gets referenced, a measure which should definitely advise the publication you submit your article to. There is also the measure of referencing of the article itself. If you do not publish your work in a journal, you are not in consideration for these gains.

3. Peer Review

The peer review can be scary. It can even end up disheartening as it leads to your paper being rejected for publication. But this is not what a good researcher emphasizes. The peer review process and by extension the editorial review helps you become a better researcher and better writer. Your level of scrutiny to methodology will improve. Your ability to analyze and develop conclusions will improve. As well, your mastery of flow of language will get much better than if it were without these twin reviews.

4. Alternative Path

Your experience in failing and succeeding at attempts to get your research published will open other career paths as well. We could all use an extra income. An author who has been around can opt to go into activities that support other researchers to share their findings with the world. You can become a professional editor of research works. You may opt to write and rewrite papers for time-pressed academics. You can also do the difficult work of translation. The best way to succeed at these fields is having figured out how to publish a research paper by experience. This is exactly the platform BricsJournal.com gives to our team of active researchers who double-up to support research work done all around the world.

5. Self-Publishing Opportunity

The brave researchers opt to self-publish their work rather than subject themselves to the oversight of a publisher. They are able to do this thanks to the internet platforms like Academia Edu and Research Gate. This does not mean that peer review becomes any less rigorous. It simply allows a researcher to get to publishing much faster. It is also a way to gain commercially from the research work. The self-publishing path allows the author to retain copyright and solely benefit from the effort of promoting the particular article.

6. Experience the process

If you are an undergraduate new to the world of academia, then a different sort of benefit is available to you. You get to experience the process of publishing a research paper. It will advise your choice to pursue a career in academia. The proof of the pudding is in the eating they say. The process develops your research competencies as aforementioned but it also serves to build your character as an individual. There are so many activities involved in decision-making, collaboration and review that can be extended to other facets of your life.

7. Add value

Ultimately, of these benefits of publishing a research paper we must all agree that contributing to the accumulation of knowledge is the central point. It will allow you to take up your own little corner of history. Academic publishing may now be a commercial endeavour but it has its roots in scholarly expression. This is also what, deep down, drives academics into this career path. They are men and women interested in knowledge to make the world a better place. Publication has served the world as an amazing tool to realize these goals.

You should remember that completing a research paper need not be a difficult sole experience. The world is out here to cheer and support you to publication. BricsJournal.com does it by helping you refine your work to increase your chances of publication. Contact us now and find out how we can help you.

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