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How can you tell if Brics Journal editing services are for you? The most obvious answer is if you urgently need excellent editing services. Our quality is professional and our turnaround time is an industry benchmark. Our expertise is also useful for non-native level English speakers, individuals with limited experience producing well-organized articles and those who would like to format their journal articles for particular publications. It is true that you may have enough confidence to self-edit your work. But you must consider the competitive nature of journal article publications. Rejection rates are upwards of 50%. This is why you need professional support to help you produce quality articles for publication, to contribute to your field’s body of knowledge and boost your career progression – as an academic, student or another kind of professional.

The editing process is just as laborious as the writing process. Writing a journal article requires the author to focus a lot more on content. This is all about revealing gaps justifying the piece of work and clarifying how much contribution is being made to the total body of works in the particular field. Editing focuses on the content plus the structure of the journal article. You need to convey the right message in the right manner. The insights of an editor is exactly the remedy you need to chart this process correctly and increase chances of your article getting published. At Brics Journal, we are proud of our expertise in handling more than 1500 journal articles and will be the right partner for you to engage in this phase of journal article writing.

Types of Journal Editing Services

Types of Journal Editing Services we offer at Brics Journal:

Substantive editing
Web editing

Copy-editing is a form of editing that entails ensuring correct grammar and adherence to journal writing format. The format is a key part of the checklist of requirements for an article submission to be accepted for review by a publisher. One check is the length of the article. We review short-form journals of around 2500 words, we also review those of mid-length and very lengthy ones of around 4000 words and 7000 words respectively. It is important for the article to be readable in terms of grammar and journal publication norms. The sections have to be well-done and language must be consistent. You cannot afford missteps like mixing up British and American English. We have a team of over 100 professionals at Brics Journal to help you with this activity.

One troubling section for a lot of writers, experienced or otherwise, is the reference section and citation style. Publications typically guide on the number of references required but not on diversity of works to be referenced. This is discreetly a measure of how original your work is and its contribution to the particular field of knowledge. We will help you pass this phase that is too easy to oversee. Brics Journal will also help you pick a citation style depending on the field you are writing a journal article on. There are predominantly 3 main citation styles.

  1. Modern Language Association (MLA) – typically for humanities and emphasizes authorship
  2. American Psychological Association (APA) – typically for fields like engineering and emphasizes date of article
  3. Chicago style – typically for the natural sciences

A core part of our journal editing services is substantive editing. This is quite an involved step but it is easily done thanks to a combination of Brics Journal experts and client engagement. Feedback to and from you is an absolutely critical part of substantive editing. What is it about? The editing is proactive and allows the editor to change the phrasing and arrangement of your work so as to make it fit for publication. He or she can do this because of the experience in editing articles written on the same field or subfield. Brics Journal covers a variety of fields, from Mathematics to Law – just to name two that come to mind.

All the same, journal editing should not take away from the author’s voice. We ensure this by leaving communication channels between you and the author open. The editor has to be professional and ruthless in ensuring your work is completed to the required standard. Remember, our editors have at least Masters education level to add onto their experience. For example, he or she will help you structure your work for the right audience or publication. He or she will also suggest alternative words, phrases and formats that would make your work better. You are involved every step of the way by being kept in tabs through comments on changes made or required to be made. You get to give your input to ensure your voice is maintained in the article.

Another type of editing we undertake, at Brics Journal, is web editing. This is in recognition of the transition of academic publications to online platforms. This comes with different reviews that need to be made, like verifying links, and consideration of the different reading style undertaken by audiences online. For instance, online readers tend to scan work more which would increase the importance of your summary sections like Title, Abstract and Discussions. Audience assessment is also far more emphasized for web published journals. It is new but does not invalidate the traditions of journal writing. We only combine the best of the two to edit your work to the highest standards and increase your chances of getting published.

You now get an idea of how comprehensive journal editing should be. If you do not have the full range of expertise, you will be best placed to seek out journal writing services from Brics Journal. We will also be the best option for you if you lack the time to do all the editing work required in a proper and timely manner. Our value is in the range of professionals available to do the work for you, the fact that we focus on meaningful changes and our commitment to maintaining your voice in your work. Brics Journal editing services is only a click away.


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