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Journal Translation Services

#1 Journal Translation Services

Have you finished writing your journal article in a language that is not English? Then, you absolutely need our Journal Translation Services. English is after all the dominant language of academic publishing. Some estimates put the proportion of referencing that happens in English at 96%. This easily means that failure to produce your manuscript in English severely limits your chances of gaining visibility. This is measured in terms of frequency of citations you get, in terms of the potential number of globally relevant publications you can submit your article to and how much of the general audience will be able to read your findings.

There may be demerits to the unmatched dominance of academic publishing by one language. A clear one is that it stifles local language research in the four corners of the world. Nevertheless, the standardized English publication has made it so much easier for ideas to spread across boundaries and cultures. The benefit of this to the body of knowledge in any field is invaluable.

What we will do for you

We have a team of expert translators who enable us to be able to translate a great variety of works done in different languages to English. Some of the major languages Brics Journal translates are Chinese, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Our translators are not only exceptional at their duty but they also draw experience from familiarity with research work itself.

We have had success translating journal articles to the required standard of having them published in reputable journal publications. Our Journal Translation Services reputation is further enhanced by the fact that we have won no less than 18 national awards in the United States of America. We pride ourselves in meeting both project objective and client satisfaction. The former relies purely on competence and experience which we have plenty of. The latter is captured in our value of putting the client first and center of this translation exercise. We always ensure to keep communication channels open and in fact we the work is founded on information you share about the journal article. We do not proceed unless we know about your target audience and the kind of message you intend your manuscript to send to the field and the world.

How to get started

The journal translation process is fairly simple. It starts by you contacting us about your need for Journal Translation Services. We always respond first and after gaining clarity on the outcome you require we will request that you share your journal article for assigning to the appropriate translators. You are encouraged to keep communicating with the translator to ensure everything is done as per your vision. Brics Journal considers this translation activity to be a collaborative effort – your input is absolutely valued.

The service fee is fair enough to fit within a shoestring budget. Brics Journal also has well established internal control mechanisms that ensure the work is produced in good time and at the required level of quality.

The journal translation process

Selection of Translators

The process begins with the selection of individuals to undertake journal translation services. We follow the industry best practice of using two-way bilingual translators. What does this mean? It means we always stick to at least two translators who can communicate in English and the language to be translated from at native level of expertise. This dual translator method even speeds up the review process. They are to translate your journal article to English and also to your local language to ensure consistency in meaning. This is the outcome they work towards and it is attained by adhering to a few more professional techniques.


One of the techniques is a review of the entire work to establish in depth understanding of what is in question. This exercise is boosted a great deal by the fact that our translators are active researchers. They have to know how to bring understanding to an academic audience as you, the author, himself or herself intended. You should be prepared to consult with the Brics Journal team on understanding the message of your journal article. You are the one who directs this undertaking.

Actual Translation Work

Only when this stage is successfully can the translators set their sights on the actual work of translating the journal article. This is defined as changing written content from one language to another, in this case to English. We follow the best translation techniques as listed below:

Literal Translation

It would be no surprise that any bilingual individual has an understanding of these techniques and can even put them to practical use. The unique value Brics Journal Translation Services expertise offers you is the ability to know what technique is suitable for what words, phrases, lines and sections of your journal article. Failure to carry this out in the right way will result in a failed passing of intended meaning and therefore a rejection letter from a publication editor. We, on the other hand, want to increase your prospects of getting featured in your targeted journal publication.

Let us briefly explain what the translation techniques entail. Borrowing is about incorporating a foreign word in an English manuscript as if it were also an English word. This mostly happens with French and the defunct Latin language. It is an acceptable practice but not to be used without professional restraint. Neologism is basically invention of new meaning.A literal translation is used only by individuals with perfect understanding of both languages in question as our translators do. Transposition is almost similar to direct translation but it involves interchange of word position to maintain meaning. Equivalence and Adoption require brilliance of Brics Journal translators in understanding cultural context behind use of some words and phrases.


This incredibly focused work is followed by yet another as detail-oriented one of reviewing the work to ensure everything has been done right. This involves preparation of drafts and your input in verifying the translation work has been correctly such that things can proceed to preparation of a final manuscript.


We complete the exercise by delivering a finely done manuscript translation that is at a status ready for submission. Contact us today about Brics Journal Translation Services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Bricsjournal has professional  translators who are able to translate the following languages to English and vise-versa; German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Mandarin Chinese, Latin and Greek. Feel free to contact us for more information.

After you have sent a quote and you agree to use our service, you can send the documents to be translated via email in word document or in pdf format For a quote, send a scanned copy (or a good quality picture) of your documents to info@bricsjournal.com or use one of the contact forms available on the website

Translating period varies based on the complexity of the specific job. When filling in the quote, you will indicate when you would like to have the work done. Short translations are done in less that a week while lengthy ones can take up to two months.

BricsJournal.com accepts Paypal and all major credit cards. You will pay on our webpage after you are done submitting your order. Payment plan is arranged on the quote if at all a client has asked to pay in installments.

BricsJournal.com is happy to say that 98% of our clients are happy and satisfied with our translation service.  Our translators  ensure your journal is professionally translated to meet the highest standards.We rigorously recruit our translators to ensure they are the best in the market.

If you want to have your translation professionally, online translation tools are not useful. First of all, there is no privacy, and you risk losing your work. Secondly, your work will be indexed by search engines and therefore show plagiarism when publishing. Trust Bricsjournal for all your translation requirements.

BricsJournal.com  has expert translators in different languages. They will translate your paper in any of your chosen languages. They will  translate your paper or presentation from or into Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and many more language

BricsJournal.com is a legal journal writing and publishing company. If you are looking for secure and safe journal translation services, your safety is guaranteed here. Any personal or billing information you share with us is entirely confidential and will never be shared with anyone.

BricsJournal.com pricing matches your needs. We have three different packages, the first one is the standard level, the second one is pro, and the third one is Elite. Detailed pricing will be discussed with you on a quote, depending on your requirements.

BricsJournal.com guarantees you professional, timely delivery of your translated journal. We also provide  you with a quality guarantee. Our Professional translators work with you till you are satisfied with the manuscript. We will do the revisions required but  we do not guarantee publication as publication depends solely on the journal, SAGE or otherwise.

Yes, you can always contact us, send us the work to be translated anew, but this will be at an additional cost if the new document has new content. We are always ready and willing to negotiate with you so that you are happy and satisfied with our journal translation services.

After your quote is confirmed and everything is set, your work will be assigned to a translator within 24-48hrs. You can always communicate with us to know the progress of the translation.

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